Monday, October 12, 2009

Cook Family update

OK, after 20 years, here's our family update:

Jim and Kelley - will have been married for 30 YEARS next year! It's been a wild ride, but God has provided. Kelley continues her unbelievable march to homeschool the 6th and 7th child. We are currently planning a wild party on their graduation in 2018. Kelley will then enter therapy.

Jim and Kelley, Vocationally over the last few years, I have been able to start a few businesses. I have never really had the desire to be an entrepreneur, but God directed me to start one.

I have also never had the desire to play golf, watch golf or discuss golf, but He had me start a business focused on it. My business is called Courts and Greens of Kansas City, installing a variety of athletic surfaces. I install customized putting greens, tennis and basketball courts in a variety of settings. My website is I had my work featured in several magazines which was cool.

Jonas and Stephanie 26- married since 2006 (?) not exactly sure. Jonas is a hoity toity consultant for Accenture, one of those jobs that he can't really tell you what he does, I think it has to do with international espionage and intrigue. All we know is that he leaves on Monday and comes back late on Thursday. He SAYS he is in Houston working on a "tax" project for Shell Oil, but I'm not sure why I found a 44 magnum and several travel visas with names Fred Gallucci, Jack Kerouac and Jason Bourne. Should I be suspicious? His lovely wife Stephanie is working working working. She recently got her LPN and is now working toward her RN. She has to study REALLY hard, but keeps the sweetest attitude and beautiful smile. When not studying or trying to get Jonas to pick up after himself, she works as a nurse at College Park Family Physicians. Jonas and Steph recently bought a house in Brookside.

Oh, I forgot, since I haven't written in 10 years. Jonas ans Steph spent 4 years in Europe, going to college and helping start a church in Amsterdam. This was a great opportunity to begin something from scratch in a country that needs God desperately. They were part of a team of about 30 people. Had a great time, got an education, traveled, etc. OK, enough about them already.

Jordan 25 - Recently Graduated with two degrees (Accounting and Criminal Justice) from Missouri Southern in Joplin, MO. He is trying desperately to find a job in either field. But the most radical event for him was his 2 month missions trip to Nigeria. He was a radical follower of Jesus before he left, now he's out of control. Seriously, this guy wants nothing other than to follow God in his life. He isn't willing to settle for anything less.

He would really like to go back to Africa, but is mature enough to realize that the timing might not be right for now, so he's willing to wait. Meanwhile he is involved with other ministries such as UMKC Campus outreach and working with inner city kids through Freedom Fire Ministries. He also like lifting weights and played some semi-pro football with the Kansas City Shockers.

Andrew and Jamie! 21 Got MARRIED! Since they're the type that march to their own drummer, they took off to Georgia and got hitched in May! (ok that's the last exclamation point, but it was really a shocker!) They are the coolest people and we wish we could see them more, but Oh the life of a young couple. Andrew is the genius of our family and is at KSTATE (yeah) in the Architectural Engineering program doing really complicated math stuff, physics. He really loves the school and for some reason digs complicated math and science problems. He makes his own way with the geeks at KSU. Oh, here's a joke he wanted me to pass along: "Reality is for those who don't understand the square root of -1", get it! Here's another one: 1010010010 00101001 00111 0011, I LOVE that one!

Jamie is the sweetest person on earth. She works at UMB Bank in Manhattan and loves our son. She is an avid soccer player and can run miles and miles. She has 4 sisters and 1 brother. She was home schooled until high school, then went to Shawnee Mission North. Andrew and Jamie met at Chili's and romanced their way through the dinner rush.

Grace 19 - My only child with her own domain name: Check it out for all of your photography needs. She is a genius! Grace has been doing professional photography for a couple of years now and is quite accomplished. You can tell from her work that she has a natural God given talent.

She is a girl with many, many talents and interests. She is the only person I know who can keep up with 457 friends and be close to all of them. Some of her interests are: leading worship, working at a day care, helping with Youth Group, and this summer she was an intern at our church.

Most importantly, she is in love with God and is serious about pursuing Him and becoming all that He wants her to be. She goes a million miles an hour, with much enthusiasm. I don't know how she does it. She is REALLY good at connecting with people, making them feel loved and accepted.

Glorielle, 17, is in her senior year of high school as a (quasi) home schooler. She really has been on her own academically for a while, taking classes at Johnson County Community College. She had been taking her core college academic classes like writing and math there. She is an excellent writer, but her real passion is vocal music.

Her goal is to be on Broadway. Over the last few years, she has been part of The Culture House, TCH in Olathe, a Christian organization devoted to teaching young people to learn how to influence the arts for Christ. She has been in several musicals such as Fiddler on the Roof and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She was even in Theater in the Park production of The Music Man. And of course like most tenagers, she is devoted to her friends all of who are part of the TCH. She is considering her option for next year.I forgot to mention, she's funny too, here's a snapshot she recently took.

William, 12 Since he comes from such a long line of football crazy people, he REALLY wanted to play this year, but it didn't work out. Dad and Jordan are managing his career and we felt that he should hold out for more money. He is playing basketball this winter and hopes to play next year. When he's not doing that he's annoying his sisters or mom. He is part of a great group of kids at our church that are going to change the world.

His biggest pain in life is school, but he continues to work hard if only because his brother Jordan will chastise him if he doesn't. He spends a lot of time at our (fairly) new neighbors, the Albrights and his friend Adam, playing chess and Wii. When not engaged in some type of competition with Adam, he tries to get him to scream at least 437 times per day.

Wesley, 11 spends a lot of time with Ella Albright. Our kids spend so much time together, Mr. Albright says that our two families have "joint custody" of our children. Wesley was able to be in two musicals with her dad and sisters the last two summers. She has SO much fun learning to dance and sing.

In Fiddler, she was a Russian Jewish daughter, this year she was an Israelite child. All of this supports her uncle and dad's theory that the Cooks have some hidden Jewish roots.

Jim and Kelley continue their quest to raise a godly family in these troubled times. Our goal is to be available to wherever God leads us to minster. I am so proud of my kids who have been to the Netherlands, Italy, Nigeria and Mexico to reach the lost. The furthest I've gotten is Grandview, MO.